24/05/18 12:52PM
The Interpretation of 5G Related Terms
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Since the end of last year, the heat of the word "5G" has remained high. As a cutting-edge communications technology, 5G has many terms. Due to the oversimplification and nastyness of the names of standards, specifications, and technologies adopted by various institutions and the...

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21/05/18 08:26AM
Gigalight 100G Optical Modules Passed the Connectivity Test of Multiple Cloud Service Providers
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Shenzhen, China, May 19, 2018 – Gigalight announced the 100G series optical transceiver modules have passed the connectivity test of multiple cloud service providers. The Gigalight 100G series products include ...

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14/05/18 10:45AM
What is Data Center Interconnect/Interconnection?
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Data Center Interconnection means the implements of Data center Interconnect (DCI) technology. With the DCI technology advances, better and cheaper options have become available and this has created a lot of confusion. This is compounded by the fact that a lot of companies are...

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09/05/18 12:35PM
Gigalight's First Successful Project for the Russian ISP Market Based on GIGAC™ Cabling
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Shenzhen, China, May 9, 2018 − The Gigalight's GIGAC™ MTP/MPO Cabling Portfolio has won the first big order in the Russian ISP market. In the next...

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07/05/18 10:01AM
A Guide to the Interfaces of Optical Transceiver Modules
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In today's optical communications market, there are a variety of transceiver modules with various types of interfaces. Because different types of cables/connectors/adapters are required for different interfaces, we need to pay more attention when selecting the relevant assemblies....

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